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What the Flora!? Episode 2 - DNA Science: Restoring Australia’s Landscape

In this new episode of What the Flora!? We investigate why scientists are mapping the DNA of plant populations.

To bring plants back from the brink of extinction, scientists are having to look for new ways to understand their past survival. In this episode of What the Flora!?, discover how scientists are uncovering species’ secrets through DNA.

DNA is the blueprint for how a plant survives in its habitat. Join your host, Vanessa Fuchs in Episode 2 of What the Flora!? as she chats to Dr Maurizio Rossetto about what clues DNA can provide about a plant’s future, and how scientists can use that information to help it avoid extinction.

The Australian Institute of Botanical Science consists of the physical and virtual scientific collections, research, services, facilities and staff at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan and the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah. The new Institute will be one of the nation’s premier botanical research organisations and will help ensure the survival of plants and build more resilient ecosystems for future generations.