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The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, Blue Mountains Botanic Garden and Australian Botanic Garden make up Australia's oldest scientific institution. For more than 200 years the Garden has advanced our understanding of plant life in NSW and Australia.

Starting with the first European explorers collecting and naming species, our science has evolved to include plant pathology, genetics, ecology and seed science.

Our world leading research and collections advance fundamental knowledge of plants and drive effective conservation.

Our science team bring together a range of disciplines and specialisations, they work with industry and governments, and collaborate with a national and global network to produce world class research.

The Garden’s scientists are passionate about their work and committed to continuing the work of their predecessors, there is still much to learn about the natural world.
The National Herbarium of NSW is complete and begins an exciting new era at the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan to protect a growing collection of over 1 million plant specimens.
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Find out more about the plants, seed science and ecology of these rainforest habitats that contain over half the planet's plant and animal species.
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