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22 Nov 2015

Fungi defends its patch

Our expert and skilled team of arborists look after about 4,000 trees in the Royal Botanic Garden and Domain. The above image shows a cross-section through a branch of the ‘Mon’s Oak’, Quercus robur, found in the Garden, which is sadly declining due to advanced decay and the infestation of other pest issues.

The cross-section shows a terrific exhibition of fungi behaving in a very territorial way to defend their patch of the oak’s dysfunctional wood. A great snap shot of fungal activity, showing us life in their element and the complexities of their ecosystem.

Adding to this is visual evidence of the tree’s long struggle and clear attempts in the compartmentalisation of its vessels. The Compartmentalisation Of Decay In Trees (CODIT) and the compartmentalisation of fungal communities display such intricate examples of patterns in nature.

Our Plant Disease Diagnostic team identified the disease in the tree and provide this invaluable service to the community and industry which helps keeps their trees healthy. 

Category: Science
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