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24 Jan 2016

Tree Graffiti

You may be shocked (or not) to hear that trees in the Royal Botanic Garden and Domain are occasionally subject to graffiti. In recent months the graffiti has become more frequent. 

In the past, our arboriculture team have spent time trialing various graffiti removal products available. However, the toxic and/or abrasive qualities of most products made them unsuitable for use on trees.

The team then decided to adopt a more innovative approach to dealing with the graffiti, by covering it with paint. After carefully colour matching the bark of each tree to a water-based, non-toxic paint that will not harm the trees, the team painted over the graffiti. With a smattering of dirt for good measure and a little artisitc licence this unauthodox approach has produced great results! 9 figs across the garden and Domain have had a cover-up job and are looking great again...


When you visit the Garden, see if you can spot the painted trees...

  • 5x Ficus microcarpa, along Art Gallery Road
  • 1x Ficus benjamina, at northern end of Central Aveenue
  • 1x Ficus macrophylla, behind Domain Depot
  • 2x Ficus rubiginosa, on revegetated embankment north of ABC Pool.
Category: Science
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