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7 Aug 2020

4 Ways to Have a Low-Carb Wedding

We’re not talking about depriving your guests of the bread basket, instead lowering the carbon footprint of your big day. Garden weddings, plastic free receptions and preloved dresses are some of 2020’s emerging wedding trends amongst increasingly eco-aware couples.

With studies showing the average wedding produce 63 tonnes of carbon dioxide, here are some ideas to plan a wedding with less emissions.

Rock Garden and Brunet Meadow at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden
Rock Garden and Brunet Meadow at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah

Consider Outdoor Wedding Venues

An outdoor wedding that makes use of natural light and fresh air is much more eco-friendly than an indoor one. Look for beautiful countryside, lake or garden locations like the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah.

The bonus is that you need less decorations as nature is your stylist! To be even greener, hold the ceremony and reception at the same place so guests don’t have to travel in between.

Select native blooms

Forgo exotic blooms that have to be imported and choose locally grown, seasonal flowers, or even better, utilise some of the many beautiful native flowers available. Encourage your guests to take them home at the end of the night or brighten someone's day by having them delivered to a hospital or nursing home.

Some florists will even reuse select flowers, which not only saves on waste but reduces cost. Eucalyptus blossoms, nuts and leaves are often included in arrangements and bouquets. Pink Everlastings and Rice Flowers are also popular for wedding arrangements because they are suitable for drying and kept as a keepsake.

Paper alternatives

So much paper is wasted at weddings, from invites to seating charts to menus to place cards. Even if you recycle the paper afterwards it is labour intensive to get the ink out of printed items, so reducing how much you use is a better option.

Consider e-invites and hire chalkboards to display menus and seating charts.

Plastic not so fantastic

Did you know every piece of plastic  ever created still exists? That’s right, the indestructible material never breaks down completely, it breaks up into microplastics which make their way into waterways and are ingested by marine life. Do your bit to reduce the alarming rate of plastic being produced by avoiding plastic balloons, streamers, disposable cutlery and food packaged in plastic as much as possible.

Discover more 

Above all remember this day is about you, so be sure to tell all the people involved in your day – venues, caterers, stylists (and parents) – exactly what you want and what your vision is. Most of them want nothing more than to ensure the most memorable day for you.

We are ready to help you plan your perfect Garden wedding in accordance with current NSW Health COVID-19 restirctions.

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