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16 Aug 2018

A free floral display of carnivorous plants: freaky, creepy & leafy!

The Pollination display at The Calyx has now finished and the horticulturalists at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney are installing the next display! 

From October, you will be able to feast your eyes and sink your teeth into a free floral display on carnivorous plants at Plants with Bite.

Dionaea muscipula with fly prey. Image by Greg Bourke

Plants with Bite

The fourth floral display to hit The Calyx, Plants with Bite, will feature the beautiful but deadly carnivorous plants of the world including the snapping “Venus Fly Trap”, “Pitcher Plants” waiting to drown their prey and the dainty Drosera waiting to grab a bite to eat with ‘sticky fingers’.

Dionaea muscipula with march fly prey DroseraceaePlants with Bite_Greg Bourke.jpg
Sarracenia flava with frog prey. Image by Greg Bourke

Workshops, events, podcasts and more

There will be educational and spooky ‘feeding days’ for kids, events to tantalise all your senses and of course, the creepy and cunning, carnivorous plants that will satisfy your hunger for learning about the floral food chain. 

You can also check out our Branch Out podcast and listen to the Plants with Bite episode. If you like the show, hit subscribe in your podcast app for fortnightly science and horticulture adventures. 

Head over to The Calyx What's On page to see a few of the events lined up for spring. 

We have been planning Plants with Bite for over 18 months and it will feature over 25,000 plants!
Jimmy Turner, Director of Horticulture
The Calyx at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
The Calyx at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Keep up to date on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to watch the progress of the installation and find out more about Plants with Bite. See you in October!

Did you know? The Calyx contains the largest interior green wall in the southern hemisphere.

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