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12 Dec 2018

A refreshing start to summer in the Blue Mountains

From the sapphire towers of the blue puya to a surprised and slightly soggy king parrot - the recent rain has the Blue Mountain Botanic Garden looking lush and gorgeous for summer visitors.

The must-see flower of early summer is the Puya alpestris ssp. zoellneri (blue puya). These spectacular South American beauties stand two meters tall with deep turquoise flowers and contrasting orange anthers that attract bees, insects, and birds.

The eucalyptus blue haze that gives our Mountains their name is the perfect backdrop for this display, so catch it this December for the best photos of its unique form and colour. 

A little wattlebird is attracted to the blue puya. Photo by Greg Bourke

But it's not all blue in the Mountains - early summer rain has ensured a host of liliums, dahlias, and hydrangeas will provide vibrant blooms across the Garden. 

You'll find this show-stopping dahlia in the formal garden. Photo by Greg Bourke 

Summer is a perfect time for bird watching in the cool mountain environment.  Charismatic gang-gang cockatoos arrive to feed in the dogwood and walnut trees and juvenile birds are a delight to spot.

Why not plan a Saturday trip to the Garden on 19 January or 23 February to coincide with our Summer bird walk? Birding guide Carol Probets will teach simple bird watching tips and share her knowledge of our local feathered friends. 

The Garden's Curator Manager, Greg Bourke, captured this photo of a king parrot after a summer downpour

Local and visiting families alike will want to check out Nerd Alert - hands on science fun at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah these school holidays. This two-hour science session is for curious kids who like to make things, experiment, use gadgets and find out cool stuff.

Parents are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and help their kids to design, build, and experiment - or, for children aged eight and over, are equally encouraged to take a stroll around the Garden or kick back at The Potager and think about nothing but the view.

Combine Nerd Alert with a trip to the Botanic Garden and the Potager restaurant

See here for more flowering and fun at the Blue Mountain Botanic Garden Mount Tomah, or check out some fantastic local itineraries thanks to the Blue Mountains Road Trip.

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