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31 Aug 2020

Spring gardening in the vegetable patch

Spring is just around the corner and is such an exciting time - plus it's a great excuse to start fresh. Why not make good use of this time and start to expertly prepare your garden for spring. Here are few simple things you can do now to prepare your vegetable patch for spring.


It’s time to pull out the weeds that have accumulated over winter. Manually pulling them out is the most effective and instantaneous way to get rid of them. Flowers and other plants prefer a tidy place to grow in, so make sure you have a tidy plot of soil for them.


If you haven’t already enriched your soil with compost and organic matter such as rotted chicken or cow manure, now is the time to do it. Dig it through to the depth of your spade to get it right into the top soil - this will also aerate the soil and free it up ready for your new plants. Take a drive with a friend to rural area to find some horse manure which can often be found for $1 per bag. Your garden will thrive and not cost the earth.

Three Stages of Compost on Vimeo.


Think about your overall garden layout. Work out the best system for what you want to grow. Consider: aspect, soil type and water requirements.

seedlings for veggie garden

Clean your gardening tools

Make sure your gardening tools are in tip-top shape. Just like your greenhouse, they may also carry bugs or diseases, so give them a good scrub as well to ensure they don't have a chance to infect your plants.

clean gardeing tools


Look for a variety of ways to get your seeds, and plant a variety of seeds. Ask a neighbour or garden friend for old seedlings, check out seeds you've never planted before at hardware stores, or get cuttings from a friend. Late winter and early Spring (Sprinter!) is a great time to get seeds started in frost free areas. The possibilities are endless.


What to plant in your garden now?

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If you aren't sure where to start why not create a herb spiral or a bush tucker garden

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