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2 Dec 2021

The beautiful meadow is abuzz-ing

The Wildflower Meadow is causing a buzz, with bees and visitors alike.

“We currently have a bee friendly blend that the bees go crazy over that consists of Wild Bergamot, California Poppy and Menzies Blue Eyes,” says Senior Horticulturalist Kayte Wilkie.

“You can hear the buzzing from a distance.”

The meadow is blooming with flowers over summer
The meadow is a popular drawcard for visitors to the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Ms Wilkie says the meadow displays plant diversity at its best.

“There are over 40 annual and perennials that showcase a multitude of colours and varieties for pollinators to enjoy,” she says.

Pollination from one flower to another needs the assistance from bees, ants and butterflies, just to name a few.
Kayte Wilkie, Senior Horticulturalist

“The insects can seek refuge within the meadow as well as help the flowers get fertilized, seeing as they can’t uproot and walk around themselves.”

But Ms Wilkie points out while the abundance of colourful flowers always provides a great photo opportunity, visitors can still get the perfect shot while respecting the garden beds.

The meadow beds have been created to give visitors an immersive experience, with paths designed for people to feel like they’re walking through a country meadow in the heart of the Sydney CBD.

“Despite the signs asking people to stay on the paths, we’ve had people lay in the flower beds to get an Instagram photo which is really sad,” Ms Wilkie says.

“We love to see visitors interacting with our display, but they can still enjoy it without crushing the flowers or the insects on them.”

Plant your own!

Visitors will be able to buy a beautiful card with a packet of seeds to create their own meadow at home when The Calyx reopens with its new Inside the Tide display on December 3.

The gorgeous cards have been designed by artist Valentina Sanchez.

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