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1 Aug 2022

Top three wedding dress tips for a cool climate wedding

When you think of a cool climate garden wedding, most people would think of blowing wind, shivering brides and muddy dress trails. Well it doesn't have to be this way according to wedding designer and dressmaker Daniel Learmont, who designed the beautiful dresses shown in the newest edition of the Blue Mountains Bridal Brochure

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah is a stunning location offering gorgeous boundless mountain views and lush greenery from its surrounding garden areas. The “cool” climate Garden makes for a magical destination during the autumn and winter months, which can call for some strategic wedding gown creation. 

These three simple wedding gown tips will offer everything you need to pick the dress of your dreams, all with the help of a bridal gown expert.

Season appropriate gowns  

Perhaps the most important aspect of any wedding gown is to ensure it is comfortable, practical, beautiful and season appropriate. For many cool climate weddings, Daniel Learmont suggests you can’t go past, “long sleeves, a coordinating jacket or wrap incorporated in the style.” 

A popular emerging dress trend since the pandemic began is also shorter tee length dresses, since brides are opting for more outdoor weddings. This clean and stylish modern look is very practical as it ensures you don’t get the dress train dirty from the outdoors. 

Speaking of long dress trains, it is advised you stick to a long skirt and save the train for indoor hotel venues. Although wedding dress underskirts have been rumoured to solve this issue, Learmont believes, “Just because you have an underskirt doesn't mean the dress won't get damaged. The important thing is to make sure the dress is appropriate to the location.” 

You may be thinking, how do you make the dress of your dreams location appropriate? 

First, consider the material. Thick macchiato, flowy silks and dramatic duchess fabrics are very popular at the moment to give the gown a unique sculptured art deco style for some extra glamour and drama. Laces and fine detailed beading can also offer a timeless element to the design for some extra personality. 

wedding dresses for garden weddings

Consider cool climate colour tones 

The second aspect to consider throughout the dress design process is the colour. 

It doesn't matter if you prefer a more classic stark white, or if you would rather flaunt a colourful pink gown. Whatever the preference, a dress needs to have a consistent coherent design that compliments the bride and season. 

“People are going away from the traditional white and are doing more champaign, off-white and silvers. Even beige tones or very classic rich ivories are popular opposed to the classic stark white,“ David Learmont says. 

These different colour palettes tend to suit a more classic Garden venue opposed to traditional glamour hotel locations. This trend is giving brides more permission to be more bold in their choices. 

bride in garden wearing elegant white dress with green floral print patterning

Whilst shooting the Blue Mountains wedding brochure, Learmont ensured he incorporated these bold choices throughout the photoshoot. 

This young vintage inspired gown above has green plants interwoven in the design for a little more of a youthful and playful look, rather than the traditional austere wedding gowns. 

Learmont suggests a cheeky addition of gown pockets are also essential for every bride to include to their dress so they can put their hands somewhere during the photoshoot if they require a little more warmth.  

wedding dresses for gardens


I love the addition of colour in the wedding gown for Garden weddings. The whole entire dress being coloured or elements of the dress being coloured, like coloured lace and flowers.
Daniel Learmont

Never forget to accessorise on your wedding day

Winter accessories are the last and by far the most important aspect to consider for your wedding gown design to ensure you aren’t left freezing at the altar. 

Over the elbow gloves are coming back from the 1900’s into today’s fashion for their elegant and “old world” style. Another vintage trend emerging into the wedding scene are short faux fur jackets that can wrap around the dress for the ultimate statement piece. 

There are plenty of avenues you can take to design a ‘cool” dress for your beautiful cool climate garden wedding in the Blue Mountains. From modern short dress trends, to colourful wedding gown renditions. Learmont has seen it all, but perhaps the most important suggestion he makes to his clients is to always make sure the dress speaks to their style and personality, whilst being practical and beautiful at the same time. 

fur wrap wedding dress

Book your Wedding Opening Day Tour 

Does all this wedding dress talk get you excited? Explore the wondrous Mount Tomah sights yourself and get 10% off your wedding venue booking when you attend the Wedding Opening Day Tours on 13 August and 18 September. Experience a whole afternoon of enchanting Garden views to witness the cool climate magic for yourself. 

By having your wedding or event at one of our three Botanic Gardens you help protect the future of plant science and conservation. Learn more about the ceremony and reception venues or email if you have any further questions. 

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