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Save a Species

Save the Plants - Save the Planet!

It is estimated that up to 50% of the world’s plant species face extinction. Here in Australia, the stakes keep getting higher, with 10% of our native plant species listed as endangered.

The Save a Species campaign raises funds for vital seedbanking of threatened plant species at the Australian PlantBank, a leading research facility specialising in the conservation of Australian native plant species situated at the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan.

Seedbanking consists of drying seeds to low moisture content, then storing them at low temperatures (ideally -20°C). Seeds stored in the seedbank provide an 'insurance policy' against the extinction of natural populations.
Seedbanking at the Australian PlantBank contributes to a global strategy for plant conservation in association with Kew Gardens’ Millennium Seed Bank Partnership.

Since 2014 the Save a Species campaign has enabled 30 species to be collected and stored at the Australian PlantBank, including the Dorrigo Waratah (Alloxylon pinnatum), the Bega Wattle (Acacia georgensis) and the Buttercup Doubletail orchid (Diuris aequalis).

Your help is needed to ensure that our scientists can continue to collect, store and help protect our precious plant species for the future.