Free floral display at The Calyx

This winter, The Calyx is All About Flowers

This winter, The Calyx is All About Flowers

All About Flowers is a free floral display designed to bring colour into winter.

Curated by the award winning team at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, the display showcases colourful arrangements of exotic plants including Moth Orchids, Begonias, Hydrangeas, Garvineas, and more.

Wander the indoor floral garden beds and stand back and admire the amazing magnitude of Australia’s largest green wall. The wall, standing at 6 metres high and stretching across 50 metres is a living watercolour painting, paying poetic homage to the masters of Impressionism.

All About Flowers is open 20 May to 2 August 2017, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm daily. Entry is FREE but donations are welcome.


Flower sale

Flower sale

Wondering what happens to the 20,000 flowers at the end of the All About Flowers?


You can purchase part of the display at the Foundation and Friends plant sale on Saturday 5 August.  

Money raised will go towards research, horticulture, conservation and education in the Garden.

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Discover The Calyx

  Discover The Calyx

A contemporary and engaging experience set within the beauty and tradition of the Garden.

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The Calyx (pron. kal-iks) is defined as ‘the sepals of a flower, typically forming a whorl that encloses the petals and forms a protective layer around a flower in bud’.

The Calyx is the Garden’s world-class living art gallery and a theatrical experience that houses ever-changing living botanic exhibitions. The Calyx is a place to inspire and capture imagination, an enchanting and magical experience where plants will take you on a journey of discovery.

Sydney’s newest venue for hire

Sydney’s newest venue for hire

Offering spaces for sit-down and cocktail events, The Calyx is the perfect setting for something truly spectacular. Suitable for indoor and outdoor events such as dinners, seminars, weddings and more.

Trippas White Group is the exclusive hospitality partner of The Calyx, providing premium services and event menus exploring Australia’s best and sustainable produce. Guests can immerse themselves in the greenery, while sipping on wine and indulging in food curated to reflect the Garden surroundings and botanic exhibitions.

Offering spaces for sit-down and cocktail events, this premium venue is the perfect setting for something truly spectacular and out of the ordinary. The versatile venue is suitable for a range of indoor and outdoor corporate and private events such as celebrations, incentives, dinners, seminars, weddings and more. Work with our events specialists to develop an engaging and impactful event experience for your guests.

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