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Filming & photography

The Royal Botanic Garden offers some of the most diverse, cinematic backdrops in the world for filming and photography projects as well as being one of the most film-friendly venues in Sydney.

We can accommodate large commercial projects, feature films, documentaries, fashion photography and portrait shoots. We offer the most iconic sites in Sydney, as well as manicured gardens, tropical garden backdrops and wide open spaces with the city skyline as the backdrop.

Our helpful and experienced staff are happy to advise you on the most suitable location, and will endeavour to make your shoot at the Garden as smooth as possible.

Key Information

If you plan to undertake any commercial filming or photography in The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney or The Domain you will need to apply for a permit.

Applying for a permit is easy. Simply click on Book Now below and complete our application form. You will also find below descriptions of our popular filming and photography sites and our fees and charges.

Please note, Public Liability Insurance must be included when submitting your application. We recommend a minimum of five business days to process applications.

Before you enquire about filming and photography in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, please read through the Conditions for Filming and Photography and check our detailed Site Map

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Popular sites
With a world-class view of Sydney Harbour and city skyline, this is one of the most recognisable backdrops in the world.
For a classic garden setting - lush green lawns, flower gardens, ponds, magnificent trees, an abundance of birds and Sydney Harbour as the backdrop.
This fully enclosed garden of large cacti, succulents and arid plants offers a mosaic of colours, shapes and textures.
Located in the Domain, this pathway is lined with gigantic fig trees. It's beautiful in the morning fog or at any time of day and is surrounded by open sports fields with city backdrops.
Wild and cultivated plants from warm-temperate and sub-tropical areas of China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan and Bhutan thrive in an Oriental inspired, landscaped setting.
Pristine lawn area at water level, with breath-taking views of Sydney Harbour and Skyline.
Pristine lawn area at water level, with breath-taking views of Sydney Harbour and Skyline.
A lush profusion of roses amongst a heritage pavilion. In bloom from October until May, great for fashion shoots.
Large open green space with dramatic city skyline views.
The manicured Herb Garden and sandstone Pavilion offer a formal and elegant photography setting.
Rate Card
Filming Duration Rate incl GST
Commerical Filming: Low Impact

Full Day

Half Day



Commercial Filming: High Impact

Full Day

Half Day



Educational, Non-Profit, Low Budget, < 10 crew:
Includes short documentaries etc

Full Day

Half Day



High-impact night time filming   $2,717
Low-impact night time filming   $2,307
Photography Duration Rate
Commercial Stills: > 20pax (equip. camera, lighting etc)  Per hour $370
Commercial Stills: 10 - 20pax  Per hour $295
Commercial Stills: <10pax (min & tripod only) Per Hour $215
Portrait (Family/Individual) Per Hour $155
*Student Photography: (Mon - Fri between sunrise and sunset)  Per hour $85
Drones Duration Rate incl GST
Commerical Filming: Drone

Half Day


* Additional filming fees may be charged in addition to the drone rate. 
* All drone bookings require a Ranger for the duration of filming (minimum 4 hour call applies)

Use of a drone will only be permitted in the Royal Botanic Garden if its use is compliant with the law and CASA regulations and operated by qualified and CASA certified persons in a controlled environment.
All commercial drone use regardless of size and type requires BGGS approval to take-off or land on Trust land. The use of drones for recreational purpose or to capture footage of a private or corporate event or activity is prohibited on Trust land.

Broadcast  Duration Rate
High impact day permit N/A $7,105
High impact half-day permit N/A $4,290
Parking Time of Day  
Mrs Macquaries Road, Hospital Road
Barricaded spaces or Pre Paid Permit only** 

8 am - 8 pm

8 pm - 8 am

24 Hour permit




NOTE: Barricading parking must be pre-authorised by the Trust and is the company's responsibility (recommended from 6 am).

Miscellaneous Charges   Rate
Filming Application Fee (non-refundable)   $145
Photography Application Fee (non-refundable)   $75
Filming Late Booking Fee

<1 Business Day

1-3 Business Days

100% 1st day hire

50% of 1st day hire

Photography Late Booking Fee

1-3 Business Days


Bond   $1,000

Ranger escort through Garden (vehicle access suppliers only). Fee per vehicle (inc. entry and exit). Max. 2 ranger escorts per booking

Static ranger, per hour (4 hour minimum)   $60
Mobile ranger, per hour (4 hour minimum)    $70
Ranger, public holidays, per hour (4 hour minimum)   $80

1. All fees are quoted GST inclusive
2. Full day permit is for 4-10 hours depending on opening hours of the Garden
3. Half day permit up to 4 hours depending on opening hours of the Garden

**Please note parking permits issue by the Trust do not ensure parking is available at a preferred location

To arrange a site inspection, gain further information or obtain a quote, please contact the Events & Venues team on