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No Plants No Wine

A collaboration with one of Australia’s First Families of Wine, Tyrrell’s and the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.  

Tyrrell’s have been a valued partner of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney for many years and this rewarding partnership is under-pinned by a strong historic alignment. In 1858, English immigrant Edward Tyrrell established Tyrrell’s in the Hunter Valley. Many of the vines he planted were from cuttings propagated from the “Busby Collection” which arrived in Australia in 1832 with James Busby who brought with him a number of vines sourced from Spain and France. Many of these vines were planted here in the Garden.
We wish to congratulate Tyrrell's Wines for being crowned second in Australia's Top 53 Wineries as awarded by Good Weekend! Especially after facing difficult and unprecedented recent events, compounded the triple threat of severe drought, bushfire smoke and coronavirus.
Tyrrell's are a longstanding partner of the Gardens and in 2019, we launched our ‘No Plants No Wine’ co-branded wine collections to highlight the importance of plants in our everyday lives.  Vineyards are facing the same environmental impacts and threats that The Gardens are.  Proceeds from your purchase of each No Plants No Wine case will provide much needed funds to support the Vital Science work of the Gardens to produce tangible responses to climate change.

Single Vineyard Collection

The Single Vineyard wines are only made in years when nature contrives to produce fruit of such outstanding quality that our winemakers will set parcels aside to be separately bottled. The same soil, same rainfall and same temperatures of a single vineyard produce a consistency of flavour throughout the wine. The Collection includes the following wines:
3x bottles 2013 Single Vineyard HVD Semillon
3x bottles 2016 Single Vineyard Stevens Shiraz
$216.75 / case (6 bottles)


Special Release Collection

Tyrrell’s Special Release range are wines that are limited production, one-offs, trial batches, or just anything unique or different. You never know what you might see in this range and just because you see something here once, there’s no guarantee you’ll see it here again. The Collection includes the following wines:

3x bottles 2019 Special Release Verdelho

3x bottles 2018 Special Release Pinot Noir
$140.25/case (6 bottles)


Hunter Valley Collection

​The Hunter Valley range is quintessential Tyrrell’s and quintessential Hunter. It showcases the key varieties of the region. The wines all reflect the winemaking styles of our winemaker’s selection Vat 1, and Vat 9; in essence making our Hunter Valley range the “baby brothers” of these three iconic wines. The Collection includes the following wines:
3x bottles 2018 Hunter Valley Semillon
3x bottles 2017 Hunter Valley Shiraz

$127.50 / case (6 bottles)


With support from our valued partnership with Tyrrell’s and through your purchase, the Botanic Gardens’ world leading scientific work, conservation research and horticultural expertise continues to deliver real solutions to some of the most critical environmental issues. Thank you for supporting us by enjoying this classic drop.
Denise Ora Executive Director, Botanic Gardens & Centennial Parklands