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200th Birthday Wine

Established in 1858, Tyrrell's is one of Australia's first families of wine and has been the recipient of over 5,650 trophies, medals and awards since 1971.

Both Tyrrell’s Wines and the Royal Botanic Garden have colonial viticulturalist, James Busby in common. Busby travelled through France and Spain in the 1830s, collecting cuttings from the vineyards he visited as he travelled. Both the Garden and Tyrrell’s were the recipients of some of his cuttings following his return to Australia.

In a continuation of their shared history, Tyrrell's Wines and the Royal Botanic Garden got together in 2012, to bring visitors and friends of the Garden a range of fine wines.

When the Garden celebrated its 200th birthday in 2016, Tyrrell's produced a special release, collectible wine. 

By purchasing this wine you're becoming an integral part of our story - 10% of all wine sales will go towards the Royal Botanic Garden's vital scientific research and conservation work.