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Living Collections

We've divided the Garden into three zones to make it easy for you to find your way around.

Upper and Middle Gardens

Australian Rainforest Garden
See some of the most primitive flowering plants and trees in the world only 5 minutes from Sydney's CBD! Our Rainforest Garden contains a range of ancient, rare and threatened species unique to Australia. 
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Sydney Fernery
Learn about one of the ancient wonders of the plant world in the cool haven of the walled garden. You'll be amazed by the orchids and begonias and if you're lucky you may also spot one of the Eastern Water Dragons (Physignathus lesueurii) who have made the Fernery their home.
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Palm Grove
Prepare to be awe-struck by the majesty of the plant world's giants when you visit the Palm Grove. You'll find one of the tallest trees in the garden here, a Queensland Kauri Pine (Agathis robusta) that was collected by the Garden’s Director, John Bidwill in 1849. 
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Cadi Jam Ora - First Encounters
Visit Cadi Jam Ora to learn about the Cadigal people of the Eora nation, the traditional custodians of the land the we stand on. You'll learn about Aboriginal history, from the invasion in 1788 to the present day when you walk the 50 metre storyline that weaves its way through the garden. 
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Cacti & Succulent Garden
Discover our amazing collection of plants from the most arid regions on earth! You'll learn about the ways that cacti and succulents have adapted to survive and thrive in extreme conditions when you visit this garden. 
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The Spring Walk
See for yourself why the people of Sydney have been enchanted by the Spring Walk for more than 150 years. Each year our horticulturalists design an annual display to complement this avenue of ornamental peaches, wisterias and other spring flowering plants. Visit this walk to experience the colour and fragrances of the season.
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Camellia Garden

Beat the winter blues and get away from it all in the Camellia Garden. The Garden's historic camellia plantings and rare tropical species light up winter with their abundance of flowers. If you're a tea lover, keep an eye out for the Camellia sinensis – it's the species tea is made from. 

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Lower Gardens

Tropical Garden
Step off the asphalt path and be amazed by the myriad flowers and forms found in the plants from the tropics and sub-tropics. The enormous, pleated leaves of New Guinea's Dinner Plate fig (Ficus dammaropsis), India's pink flowering bananas (Musa velutina) and the flowers of the Asian Bat Plant (Tacca chantrieri) will delight and astonish you. 
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Bicentenary Garden
Visit the much-loved bottle trees and see native plants in the Bicentenary Garden! Queensland bottle trees, Brachychiton rupestris, Macrozamia moorei are surrounded by flowering annuals, including the native paper daisy and Sturt desert pea. Click to view the map and find your way here.
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Australian Native Rockery

Marvel at the range of native plants in the rockery! Located near the Sydney Opera House, the Australian Native Rockery features iconic Australian plants such as Gymea lillies, banksias and grevilleas. 

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Herb Garden

Immerse yourself in the Herb Garden's intoxicating aromas and relax in the sandstone pavilion. Children of all ages will love the Sensory Fountain and knowledge seekers will learn about the history and folklore surrounding herbs from around the world. 

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HSBC Oriental Garden
Discover more than 2,000 wild and cultivated plants from China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan and Bhutan! Some of the plants in the HSBC Oriental Garden have never been seen in Australia before.
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Dragon Tree Lawn
Experience a close encounter with a dragon in its weyr! Established in 2017, the Dragon Tree Lawn showcases the architectural beauty of Dragon Trees and other Canary Islands plants. Click to view the map and find your way here.
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Southern African Garden
Discover the Garden’s collection of Southern African plants. Planted in 2017, this garden features some of the rarest cycads in the world, as well as proteas and a range of spectacular African bulbs.
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Palace Gardens

Palace Rose Garden

Surrender to the sensory pleasures of the Palace Rose Garden. Our horticulturalists and scientists have collaborated to care for the Rose Garden using sustainable practices. 

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Government House Garden

Experience the grandeur of dramatic formal gardens and see trees planted by royalty! Please visit the Government House website to learn more about opening hours and accessibility.

Horticultural Trial Beds

Explore the Palace Gardens to experience the perfect combination of history and horticulture. You'll find the Horticultural Trial Beds just beside the Conservatorium of Music.

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Pioneer Memorial Garden
Escape to this tranquil sunken garden only minutes from the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s CBD. 
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Greenway Terrace
Take a seat and enjoy the magnificent view from the terraces! The park benches dotted along Greenway Terrace make this a lovely place to stop and take photos, both of yourself and the panoramic views across Sydney Harbour to Fort Denison. 
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We would like to acknowledge the Cadigal people of the Eora Nation within Sydney and pay our respect to Elders past, present and future.