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The Tropical Garden

Step off the asphalt and into the tropics!

Our Tropical Garden is located on the northern side of the Macquarie Wall. It is a sheltered micro-climate where we are able to grow a wide range of spectacular flowering tropical plants.

The Dinner Plate Fig from New Guinea, Pink Bananas from India, Air Plants from Central  America and the mysterious Bat Plant from South-East Asia are just some of the gems to be found lining the meandering paths that take you through this secret garden. Relatives of the Pineapple, from the family Bromeliaceae, hang from trees, cling to palms and cover the ground – displaying the amazing diversity of this family and constantly surprising with the bizarre shape and colours of their flowers.

Our horticulturists have embraced a tropical style in creating a garden design that is full of great ideas on how to arrange foliage shapes, colours and find a balance between exuberance and harmony.

The Tropical Garden is a fantastic place to escape the summer heat and immerse yourself in the diversity of the plant world.