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29 OCT - 6 NOV

Artisans in the Gardens 21st Anniversary

Artisans in the Gardens exhibition will celebrate it's 21st anniversary this October. The exhibition will bring together a diverse selection of Australia's established and emerging stars, to Lion Gate Lodge

Artisans in the Gardens is celebrating it’s 21st Anniversary exhibition in October 2022. Since launching in 2000 with just four exhibitors in one small room, the prestigious exhibition has evolved into a sophisticated showcase featuring more than 3,000 works across a wide range of mediums. The 2022 exhibition will highlight 21 Artists from the previous 20 exhibitions, as well as some fresh new faces. Their works include sculpture, hand-blown glass, ceramics, photography, embroidery, weaving, textiles and jewellery.

Celebrate the 21st anniversary at Artisans in the Gardens Opening Night on Friday 28th October. Shop the amazing artwork at the exhibition before the public whilst sips on wine and enjoying delicious canapés. 

All items in the exhibition are for sale with proceeds going to the artists and to assisting Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens in supporting horticulture, conservation, scientific research and educational programs within your Botanic Gardens.


Saturday 29 October to Sunday 6 November
10AM - 4PM Daily


Artwork available for every taste and price range, from $25 to $20,000


Lion Gate Lodge Garden
The Royal Botanic Garden
Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney


Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens

About Artisans in the Gardens

Meet the Curator
Libby Wright 

Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens are delighted to announce that Libby Wright will be the new curator of Artisans in the Gardens Exhibition. After a difficlut 2 years of pandemic related set backs we are all excited to see how Libby rejuvenates the exhibition. 

With a degree in Marketing/Commerce and a Diploma from University in Japan, Libby's career was based in Finance and Investment. After years of living abroad, she returned home to raise children, and continue with volunteer roles in administration and publicity.

As Libby said "I've been a strong supporter of the arts, and in particular new and emerging artists. With a love of the outdoors and gardens, I look forward to continuing the amazing work of the committee and the Artisans in the Garden Team."
History of Artisans
In 1989 when Elizabeth Davis was a guide in the Royal Botanic Gardens and a Volunteer for Friends of The Gardens, she organised an exhibition to showcase Australian artists. 

The exhibition started humbly, with just one room downstairs in Lion Gate Lodge and four exhibitors – two botanical artists and two ceramicists. Elizabeth, a horticulturist and art gallery owner, had seen an opportunity for indulging her twin passions of art and horticulture and approached Lindi Chapman, the Executive Officer at that time, with her idea.

The beginning of Artisans

With her husband Geoff and their daughter Tor, Elizabeth ran the exhibition successfully for 10 years, nurturing emerging artists and working with established artists. Each exhibition was given a name, such as Garden Reflections and Four Seasons, and each year more artists were added to the exhibition. As it grew and evolved, the opportunity arose to have a separate exhibition of botanic art, and thus increase the activities Friends of the Gardens could offer members and the public. This was realised in 1999, when Margot Child started Botanica, showcasing excellence in botanic art.

In 2000 and 2001, Elizabeth and curator Tim Jackson, and a small committee breathed new life into the original exhibition, which was renamed Artisans in The Gardens.  It showcased ceramics, sculpture, glass, jewellery, textiles and more.

Ongoing success  

2002 - 2005: Jeni McDermott took over as Curator and, over the next four years cemented the reputation of the exhibition, often showing more than 20 artists.
2006 - 2007: Bev Kable
2008 - 2012: Peta Rattray
2013 - 2015: Julianne Mills
2016 - 2018: Lucette Moore
2019 - 2021: Sandy Crichton

The numbers attending the exhibition continue to grow and it is always well patronised by collectors looking for something new, gallery owners looking for their next artist, art lovers appreciating the works, and visitors to the Gardens who drop by for morning and afternoon tea.
History of Lion Gate Lodge
Built in 1878, Lion Gate Lodge is a stunning Victorian sandstone building boasting a private landscaped cottage garden and paved courtyard. Situated just behind the 1812 Macquarie Wall, the lodge features a unique Lion Gate depicting a lion and lioness at the entrance which was created in 1901. The lodge was a home for the Head Gardener, and the name was changed to Lion Gate Lodge in 1979 when it was used as an office for the Trust and Friends of The Gardens. Today, Lion Gate Lodge is home to many weddings and events throughout the year, including three annual exhibitions by Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens. At Artisans in the Gardens, artists exhibit inside the lodge and in the surrounding garden with unique artworks reflecting nature as a fundraiser for the Foundation &Friends.

Artwork by Sophie Rudder
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