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Tuesday 27 September - Sunday 9 October 2022

Fresh Embrace

Visit Lion Gate Lodge from Tuesday 27 September to see ‘Fresh Embrace’ Presented by Ruth Law

Fresh Embrace was inspired by a trip in February  to Flinders Island, in Bass Strait Tasmania.

It is a mountainous island, along with fabulous beaches graced with granite rocks, splashed wth orange lichen.

The highest point is Mount Strezlecki, at 750 metres. Three-quarters of the way up the overgrown path to the summit, I came upon two pademelons that hopped away smartly, and there I viewed  the mossy rocks and outstretched branches. When I later returned to my studio, I transformed it into a large oil painting on canvas. 

The  complementary colours of  green and purple lent themselves to this landscape.
Fresh Embrace also relates to the embrace of oil as medium. 


Tuesday 27 September - Sunday 9 October 2022
Open daily 10.00am - 4.00pm


Entry is free


Lion Gate Lodge Garden
The Royal Botanic Garden
Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney


Public transport recommended. Limited parking available