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2 - 18 JULY 2019 - on hold

From the Hive… Swarming to Palm House 2

In this exhibition, the artist has used a medium called encaustic, capturing the vast Australian landscape in a truly unique way – from ancient and majestic rocks, vast plains and aerial views to the dancing and turbulent seas of our coastline. The works reflect her extensive travels throughout this amazing country.

Encaustic medium involves fusing layers upon layers of beeswax (mixed with resin and pigment) with a high heat source. Other materials, including dyed silk and found objects such as shells, stones and leaves, can also be incorporated into this medium.

This medium provides the viewer with a truly sensory experience. The multiple layers give works a luminous, ethereal quality, which retains the beautiful aroma of beeswax. In addition, they can be safely touched to feel the texture (from the smooth wax to the roughness of incorporated materials) and are waterproof.


TUE 2 - THU 18 JULY 2019 10 AM - 4 PM




Palm House
The exhibition will be shown at the Palm House and will continue in the Moore Room which is connected to the Maiden theatre




Public transport recommended. Limited parking available