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3 SEPT, 8 OCT & 5 NOV

Gardening skills workshop with Botanic Garden experts

Join other plant-lovers for an exciting plant-filled day with our Botanic Garden experts!

Hands-on learning, behind the scenes tours and tips on best practice plant care - all designed to set you on the path for gardening success!

Soil science and potting mix – Saturday 3rd September

Every gardener knows that the key to a successful garden comes down to one thing – soil. In this session we learn how to classify soil types, trouble-shoot problems and improve our soil to keep it healthy for optimum plant growth. Students will learn from expert horticulturists about how they manage the soils in our Garden, before learning to conduct soil testing and preparing growing media for different planting purposes.

Plant care – nutrition and watering – Saturday 8th October

The ultimate goal of all gardeners is to achieve optimum growth in their plants. In this session we look at how plants grow, the stimulants for growth, and the specific nutrients required to maintain what we’re all working towards - good plant health. Students will work with an expert horticulturalist to examine the role played by compost and worm farming in plant nutrition, explore complex irrigation systems that allow our amazing horticultural exhibitions to thrive, and troubleshoot water-connected problems.

Plant propagation – Saturday 5th November

Knowing how to increase your plant stock for free is a valuable skill for gardeners. In this session we revise plant growth and lifecycles, examine seeds, and look at a range of different propagation techniques. Under the guidance of an Royal Botanic Garden Sydney horticulturalist, students will learn different seasonal propagation methods, and how to select, prepare, pot up and care for cuttings.

They will learn to mix growing media suitable for propagation (the Garden’s own recipe) and understand the use of tools and equipment in this important process.


Saturday 3rd September, Saturday 8th October & Saturday 5th November | 9:30 - 3:30pm


Foundation and Friends Member $162 | General Admission $180
Bookings essential online


Maiden Theatre
Royal Botanic Garden, Mrs Macquaries Road Sydney


Suitable for adults 18+


Public transport recommended. Limited parking available