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Sunday 18 August 2019

Meet our scientists

The scientists are exiting their labs to meet you outside on the lawns of the Royal Botanic Garden for one day only! Join experts in plant evolution, algae, fungi, bryophytes and more!

These scientist-run stalls will be happening at Living Laboratory Science Festival on Sunday 18 August 2019. To find out what else is happening on the day click here.


Sunday 18 August 2019


Lawns near the Learning Centre
Closest Garden Gate: Woolloomooloo Gate.


Public transport recommended. Limited parking available

Amazing Algae

Meet Royal Botanic Garden algae experts Stephen Skinner and Dr Yola Metti and see amazing algae up close! Peer through microscopes, touch local Sydney Harbour species and learn what algae is what and why it’s important!

Fun Fungi

Ever wondered what those black patches and pink spots were on the banana you left in the bottom of your bag? Learn about rots, mildews and moulds that may be closer to home than you think! Get hands-on viewing different types of macro fungi and micro-fungi through microscopes. Plus, bring in a photo or sample of a diseased plant and Dr Ed Liew will do his best to identify the culprit.

Digital Plants

We’ve got some huge projects underway at the Botanic Gardens! Come and learn about our Digitisation Project and the Garden Explorer database. The Digitisation Project is capturing our 1.4 million plant specimens in high-res photos to share with the world, plus our Garden Explorer database logs each plant in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and join in today’s special curated self-guided digital plant tour!

Crazy Cryptogams

Mosses, liverworts, hornworts and all: Come and take a close look at the true dinosaurs of the plant Kingdom, the Bryophytes. Check out these ancient beauties super close up using our amazing video microscope. Learn about where they live and how they survive. You can even help us water our mini Bryophyte gardens. Watch them swell up, and change colour right before your eyes.