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Mid August - November

Spring Walk

Immerse yourself in the wonderful scents, colours and shapes of spring.
Backed by the Macquarie Wall, the Spring Walk began in 1855 as a collection of azaleas planted by
Charles Moore. Azaleas remained the Spring Walk's dominant planting during the 20th century but were increasingly affected by pests and diseases. In 2004 they were replanted with a palette of spring flowering plants including azalea-like Rhododendron species better suited to Sydney’s climate.
This year the display features a mixture of bedding plants and will be in bloom from mid-August providing a spectacular spring display. Keep an eye out for the Ranunculus (Buttercup), Viola (Pansy), Dianthus (Pinks) and Lobularia (Sweet Alyssum) and many floral shades of pink, white, yellow and blues.

Many varieties of Wisteria, rhododendrons such as, R. cilicalyx from China and a host of other spring flowering shrubs create a romantic avenue of flower and fragrance.
Keep an eye out for the spectacular Alloxylon flammeum (Tree Waratah), an evergreen tree with
orange-red flowers from the Atherton tableland in northern Queensland. The flowers resemble those of the NSW floral emblem, the Waratah (Telopea speciosissima), and although they are different in form they both belong to the Proteaceae family.
If you venture over to the Southern Africa Garden, then be sure to look out for the spring bulbs such as Babiana, Spiraxis, Moraea and Amaryllis.


Mid August - November


Spring Walk
Along the Macquarie Wall, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney


Public transport recommended. Limited parking available