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SAT 13 APRIL 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Sustainable Living: Toxic Free Cleaning

Ever wondered what hidden toxins lurk under your kitchen sink? The average household contains about 62 toxic chemicals and we are exposed to them daily. Ingredients in every day products have been linked to many health issues we face today in the modern world. 

However, did you know that instead of using harmful cleaning chemicals you can use natural, biodegradable substances and cleaning aids to make your home clean and safe to be in? And what is more, most of these natural ingredients are already in your pantry; all you need to do is to learn what to use, where!

In this two hour workshop with Margaret  from Moss House, she will help you understand what to look out for and how to replace your common cleaning products with less harmful ones and arm you with the following: 
- a list of items commonly used in cooking which are suitable for natural cleaning, 
- information about how and when to use them, including some demonstrations,
- instructions on how to ferment cleaning vinegar from fruit and vegetable scraps.

On the day we will be making a sample of all-purpose cleaner for you to take home. Everybody will also receive a small bottle of homemade cleaning vinegar


Saturday 13th April 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM


GA $50 l F&F $45


The Calyx
The Royal Botanic Garden
Closest entry is Morshead Fountain Gate, Shakespeare Place cnr Macquarie Street


Public transport recommended. Limited parking available