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FRI MAR 1 - APR 23 , 10:00 AM - 4 PM

Plants with Bite Illustrators Exhibition

The almost fantastical world of Plants With Bite flower display provides the perfect brief for any illustrator to work their magic! That is why The Calyx at The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney have teamed up with the talented artists and illustrators of The Illustration Room.

In this collaborative exhibition you will see illustrated original artworks inspired by these deadly and fascinating plants in the main foyer of the building. Come and witness how an array of artists imaginations have run wild with intricate details of the botanical technicalities surrounding how they bite, what they bite or who they bite.

The depicted image above is a sneak peak of an original comic book cover by Paul Borchers, Mau Cat rescuing captive kittens from the adhesive traps and tentacles of the Drosophyllum. Stay tuned for more deadly bites of creativity in The Calyx!

Please note, editions of your favourite illustrations will be available to purchase in poster or postcard format at our shop. 


Friday March 1 - Tuesday April 23rd, 10:00 AM - 4 PM




The Calyx
The Royal Botanic Garden
Closest entry is Morshead Fountain Gate, Shakespeare Place cnr Macquarie Street


Adults and Children


Public transport recommended. Limited parking available