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Behind the scenes and other tours

For almost two centuries, the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney has been collecting and studying plants from around the world. Scientists at the National Herbarium of NSW study how plants function within ecosystems, how plants are adapted to their environment and evolve over time, and what causes them to die.

On these special tours, you can join our passionate and knowledgeable plant scientists as they take you behind the scenes to share their work and some of the treasures of the Garden's collection.
•    National Herbarium of NSW - The collections team of the National Herbarium of NSW will share with you the scientific collections used daily for botanical research, from historical collections to those gathered only yesterday!
•    Molecular lab - Discover how our scientists are making new discoveries about plants; using the latest techniques and technology to look at plant DNA. 
•    Plant Clinic – Meet our scientists who work to study, diagnose and treat plant diseases that threaten parks, gardens, farmlands and wilderness.
•    Nursery – Be guided by a member of the horticulture team behind-the-scenes in our Nursery. Learn how plants are propagated and visit the glasshouses normally closed to the public.
•    Botany Expedition -  learn how our scientists collect specimens and press and 'make and take' your own plant specimen home
•    Marine algae and the Sea Wall – Be guided by algae expert Stephen Skinner as you wander down to the harbour at low tide to see 

Places limited. Registrations essential at the Information stall on the day.