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6 - 20 July 2018

Mongolia with Mary Moody

In Mongolia there are 3,000 species of flowering plants of which 975 species are registered as medicinal plants and used in folk and traditional medicine. With most of these being found in central and western Mongolia the focus will be on identifying as many of these as possible. Travelling with Mary Moody and an expert local botanist from the Mongolian National University the trip has been designed to maximise the opportunity to catalogue and photograph the unique wildflowers and flora. Commencing in Ulaanbaatar, we drive west towards the the Hangai Nuruu, Mongolia’s second largest mountain range, in the area of the Eight Lakes which lies 2800 meters above sea level. On the way we have the opportunity to experience the full colour of Nadaam.The Naadam Festival (or eriyn gurvan Naadam) ties in the spirit of Genghis Khan (or Chinggis Khaan, who in this isolated country is synonymous with strength, unity, law and order), with competition involving the three manly sports of horse racing, archery and wrestling. The festival, which is held throughout the country on the anniversary of the 1921 Mongolian revolution, is a time of celebration and colour.

We then commence our fully supported trek where we will experience stunning scenery of the Eight Lakes region of Central Mongolia including numerous opportunities to explore remote alpine meadows for rare plant species. After completing our trek we will travel to the ancient capital of Harhorin and enjoy a dip in the Tsenkheriin Hot Springs. We return to Ulaanbaatar where our trip concludes.

Mary Moody trained as a journalist on Australian Women’s Weekly in the late 1960s and spent several years as a reporter and feature writer on various Sydney magazines and newspapers. In the 1970'she used her journalistic skills to write and edit more than forty gardening books and magazines, and for ten years she was the NSW presenter on the ABC’s top rating show Gardening Australia.

A note from Mary: “I am thrilled at the prospect of returning to Mongolia after our tremendously successful journey there a few years ago. We all fell in love with the scenery and wildlife, and identified more than 160 species of alpine plants. We were welcomed by the nomadic people and learned a great deal about their history and way of life.” Mary will also be joined by a senior botany lecturer from the Mongolian National University.

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6 - 20 July 2018


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