All about Flowers Plant Sale

More than 18,000 plants from the Royal Botanic Garden’s stunning display All about Flowers are to be sold for a gold coin or $10 for the Orchids and other special plants!

All about Flowers is the first floral display in the new horticultural display centre The Calyx. The display was designed to bring vibrant colour into our Sydney winter – it can now be taken home to brighten your own garden!

You are invited to purchase potted plants for a gold coin or $10 for the Orchids and other special plants from The Calyx from 8am-2.30pm (or until sold-out) on Saturday 5 August. 

If you plan to buy a lot, bring a friend as it is about a 5-10 minute walk to the drop off zone, parking bays and carpark. A drop off zone will be located outside the Woolloomooloo Gates, alternatively you can use the metred parking bays on Mrs Macquaries Road or the Domain Carpark. The Calyx is located in the middle of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. 

The money raised from this plant sale will help Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens continue to support horticulture, conservation, scientific research and educations programs in the beautiful Botanic Garden.

Cash is preferred. You MUST bring your own basket, box or bag. Note there is a limit of 5 x Orchids or special plants, those priced at $10, allowed to be purchased for each person.

There will be no pre-sale of display plants, however we do have plants for sale daily in The Calyx and at the Growing Friends Nursery (Open Mon-Sat).

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The Calyx, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
05 Aug 2017
8:00 AM
Free entry