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From 1 October 2018

Plants with Bite

Plants with Bite tells the story of the captivating and bizarre world of carnivorous plants. As fascinating as they are horrifying, these plants are truly a miracle of evolution. Sun, soil and sky – this is all most plants need to survive. Yet carnivorous plants can thrive in inhospitable environments by luring, trapping, killing and digesting insects.
At this free floral display you’ll get to see the iconic Venus flytrap: an example of a ‘snap trap’. You can also observe the ‘pitfall’, ‘flypaper’, ‘lobster-pot’ and ‘bladder’ styles of traps. Combining botany with hands-on activities, Plants with Bite showcases these fascinating plants while bringing awareness to the ways in which many species are currently under threat due to habitat loss.
Curated by horticulturalists at The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, this is the largest vertical floral wall in the southern hemisphere. If you can't get to Sydney or you're just hungry for more, check out our Branch Out podcast and listen to the Plants with Bite episode. If you like the show, hit subscribe in your podcast app for fortnightly science and horticulture adventures. 

Please note that The Calyx will be closed to the public on the following dates:
Wednesday 13 February - all day closure


From 1 October 2018


Free entry


The Calyx
The Royal Botanic Garden
Closest entry is Morshead Fountain Gate, Shakespeare Place cnr Macquarie Street


Public transport recommended. Limited parking available
Feeding time at Plants with Bite
Join us for this fun and educational experience where you will learn about the evolution of carnivorous plants.
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NYE Garden Party at The Calyx
One of Sydney’s most unique venues The Calyx, in the heart of the Royal Botanic Garden, will host a luxurious cocktail party to celebrate New Year’s Eve. 
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What's on at The Calyx
The area around The Calyx will spring to life with events, performances, workshops and science presentations 
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Carnivorous plants
Carnivorous plants have evolved a number of different ways to lure, capture and eat their prey.

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